Our Corporate Partners and Affiliates

We get heaps of referrals, so it should be no surprise that we like to give referrals too.
Through helping our clients grow their businesses, we've allied strategically with the following companies who share our values of providing:
  • High quality products and programs
  • Excellence in client service
  • And a commitment to helping our clients become more successful.
NetMates is happy to use and recommend our corporate partners and affiliates.
Eventbrite brings the world together through live experiences.

Eventbrite is a self service ticketing platform for live events. Eventbrite enables people all over the world to plan, promote and sell out any event—from photography and yoga classes, to sold out concerts and festivals. And it's not just for event organisers: Eventbrite makes it easy for everyone to discover events, and to share the events they are attending with the people they know.

Eventbrite manages things like:
  • Selling tickets to an event, including a floor plan of your venue
  • Promoting the event through social media
  • Registering your guests at the event by simply scanning a barcode with your phone
Eventbrite is ticketing with a simpler, more economical model.
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